We at Oz Golf Blog, know that a quality education is a solid platform in which to grow and become successful. Not being able to afford a quality education is getting harder every year. To be able to offer the chance for aspiring students to realize their dream of going to colledge and obtain a degree in their choosen field. Oz Golf Blog is excited to announce the Two Yearly Oz Golf Blog $1000 scholarship available to current college students or those contemplating on attending college or a university.

How Do I Qualify?

Anyone who plays golf or has sufficient knowledge on the subject is qualified to apply for the scholarship.

What We Need

Write content between 700-1000 words about: any Golf Topic, Golf Equipment or Golf Tips.

It should be structured and be free of grammatical errors, can be based on Junior golf, womens golf or mens golf. If you have some personal experience feel free to include it in your content.

How You Benefit

  • The best content receives $1000
  • The money will be sent directly to your financial institution of your choosing.
  • The winner will be notified by e-mail and your content will be posted on ozgolfblog.com

How To Send Your Essay

Please send your content along with the below details:

1-  First name and surname

2- School/college/university name where you are studying

3- Field of study

4- Include proof that you are a student

5- email address assigned by your institution if applicable.

You can email your written content to us directly on email: Scholarship@ozgolfblog.com

The cut off date to get the content is February 1st 2018. A winner will be chosen by February 15th 2018 and will be notified via email. The scholarship will be submitted to the financial institution that you have stated before January 25th 2018.

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