Playing golf in the rain doesn't have to be hard as long as you are well prepared and have a strategy to combat the elements.

There are two scenarios that we come across when the weather turn sour. The first is when you are out on the course, let's say the 4th hole and it starts to rain. The other scenario is you have turned up to the course and it's raining, you have not played golf all week and are really needing a game to hone your skills.

The thought of playing golf in the rain can turn any golfer into a bumbling mess. So how do we prepare to start and to be out on the course when the rain starts.

Having the right equipment to keep you dry is high on the list

Buy yourself a decent golf umbrella that can withstand very heavy rain and wind combined as you do not want to be caught out while on the golf course. It's the most important golf accessory for when playing golf in the rain, its the main thing that will keep you dry.How To Be Prepared For Playing Golf In The Rain

Also, invest in a pair of wet weather trousers and jacket these will keep your torso dry. Make sure when you d buy a set of waterproofs that you will have enough room in which to swing the golf club, you do not want to restricted in any way.

Always carry two golf towels just in case you think it will rain or is raining when you have turned up to play. Having a second towel in your golf bag will come in handy when the other one is soaking wet. Using a golf towel not only keeps your hands dry but also keeps the grips dry after every golf shot by simply rubbing the grip down. Just by hanging your towel up under your umbrella will make it easier to access and keep it dryer than attaching it to your golf bag.

If you are a player that does not wear a glove, invest in one, bare hands can make it really hard to hold the golf grip in wet conditions. Just by wearing a glove can be the difference in shooting better scores while playing golf in the rain. If you normally wear a glove carry a spare in case the first one becomes wet, generally replace it after 9 holes.

The golf course ground can become really wet also from some heavy downpours and make walking harder than normal. Make sure you have a waterproof pair of golf shoes with good grip for keeping your feet warm and dry and also for helping you maintain balance through your golf swing during the sloppy ground conditions.

With the advancement of golf equipment these days there are dozens of different waterproof golf bags on the market to help keep your accessories dry and more importantly your golf clubs. So if you live in an area where it rains a lot invest in a waterproof golf bag.

All of these tips will help you combat playing golf in the rain, always remember that the golf ball will not travel as far through the air and will stop quicker on the greens. Where there is rain always grab a less lofted golf club to give you more distance, so instead of hitting a 7 iron use a 6 iron. Leave your ego at home when playing golf in the rain as more often than not it will bring you undone and leave you avoiding playing in the rain.

when chipping to a green you will need to look a little bit further ahead and pick out where the water is laying. When there is some water laying between you and the flag the golf ball will always never make it to the hole as the water will slow it down. Aim to pitch over the water to find the harder part of the green which will allow you to get to the hole.

Putting is a similar thing and within the rules of golf if there is an amount of water between you and the hole you are allowed to place the golf ball no nearer to the hole to avoid the water. Always check with your playing partners as to where you can move your golf ball too. This is using the golf rules to your advantage and comes under the rule ‘casual water'

So playing golf in the rain does not have to be hard as long as you are prepared for the conditions.