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We need you at Oz Golf Blog!!

We are currently seeking golf enthusiasts, experts, veterans or skilled hackers. Share your experiences with us on Oz Golf Blog. When you become a game contributor, you can help fellow golfers with your tips and advice. You can have your stories, ideas, and instruction published on a popular website!!! How awesome would that be?

What Oz Golf Blog is About

Areas we do cover are:

Golf Course Reviews
Golf Equipment Reviews
Helpful instruction
Up to date Golf News and travel/lifestyle articles
Junior golf stories, real up and coming young golfers

What’s in it For You?

Two things that really can make a person feel good and wanted are…

(1) Giving helpful advice.
(2) Knowing something that someone else doesn’t know, but would want to know.

Today you can share all your advice, tips and stories that relate to golf. It gives you credibility as a golfer and makes you a part of something bigger.

Also… as a contributor, we offer you the opportunity to share your story. We’ll give you the chance to link back to your website/blog in every article that we publish, and we will do our very best to get your story out there and read.

We do not tolerate any foul language, as we respect our readers.

Unique content is a must, we will run all submitted posts through our expert writing reviewers. Grammar has to be spot on and no links to product reviews that can harm or affect the running of the OzGolfBlog.Com website. We are not interested in what Tiger Woods had for breakfast, just helpful unique content

How to Submit?

Before we publish any article on our website blog, we have to give it one last look over to make sure it is posted ready. This includes checking the grammar, punctuation, etc… If there is something that we need to change, we will notify you via email and let you know. You think you have what it takes to be an OzGolfBlog.Com guest contributor?

For all guest content considerations, please submit it to

Please include the following information in your email:

Email Subject line: Please add ‘GUEST POST’ in the subject line.
Images: At least 1 quality image must be added
Body: At least 500 words, no links
Bio: Please include a 3-5 sentence BIO, along with a relevant website and your social media links.

Oz Golf Blog Thanks, You and looks forward to working with you!