For beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers the golf grip is one of the most important, but often overlooked fundamental part of the golf swing. Your grip is the physical connection between your hands and the golf club, so the golf grip determines mostly the impact position of the club face.

The correct golf grip will allow you to hit straighter more crisp golf shots.
In this guide, we will identify the proper left-hand golf grip and show easy steps to ensure you are correctly applying the same grip every time.
Grab a pen that will write on your skin, draw two lines on your left palm looking something like the below picture.
How To Hold The Golf Grip In The Left HandHow To Hold The Golf Grip In The Left Hand








Place the golf grip in between those lines, you will feel that the grip is all in the fingers. Maintain a constant pressure with the last three fingers as this will be the proper grip pressure. Now fold your hand around and focus on the thumb and forefinger forming a “V” shape, make sure this “V” shape is pointing to your right shoulder.

Having the “V: pointing at the right shoulder will produce a stronger grip which is ideal for hitting the ball further and controlling the club face at impact. It is entirely legal for a round of golf to mark your golf glove or hand with the magic lines as we call them that are shown above. This will allow you to form the correct muscle memory needed to produce the perfect left-hand grip.

How To Hold The Golf Grip In The Left Hand
The finished position with the left hand





Just one last tip always allow about an inch of the golf grip to be past the top end of your hand, the below picture demonstrates, and this will give you more control and make it easier to hold the golf club correctly. Most golf grips you buy have a line at the butt of the grip to help guide you into this position.

How To Hold The Golf Grip In The Left Hand
Other ways of making sure your grip is perfect are to use golf grip training aids. Golf training aids help you repeat a certain movement without having to really think about the processes involved. These types of aids can be used unfortunately only on the practice range, in a social round or in your backyard, as they are against the rules to use in competition.



To ingrain the feel for the correct golf grip, you will need to do some solid practice over one month. Like all golf swing changes if not practiced enough the muscle memory will not stick, and we will resort back to our old habits.