Putting Tips – 4 Reasons You do not putt well, putting with an average of 34 putts a game will not get you to lower numbers. “Drive for show putt for dough” is true, you can hit every fairway and green in regulation and still walk away with a bad score.

Putting Tips


 Reasons Your Putting Is Killing Your Scores

  • You don't practice
  • You're Putter does not suit you or your stroke
  • Rushing your stroke
  • Cannot read a green correctly

The most important part of improving your putting stroke and pace. If we do not practice how will we improve? Practicing can be the difference between reducing your handicap or not.

Next time you have a bad day with the putter, head straight to the practice putting green after your round. Grab ten golf balls, stand 5 feet away and try making ten putts in a row, if you miss one start again. The whole exercise is to make the putt; most putts are missed from 5 feet away. This drill can improve your feel, stroke, and pace of your putts. Do this every time before you tee off, this will mean getting to the golf course earlier than normal.

Also next time you are on the course write down after every hole how many putts you had for each hole. Add them up and try to beat that total next time you hit the golf course.

Putting Tips

 2.Your Putter Does Not Suit Your Game

Putters come in all different shapes and sizes. The length of the putter shaft can affect your stroke. If your eyes are not directly over the golf ball at the address, position you stand no chance of holing a putt.

Putting Tips

If your eyes are not over the ball, this means the putter shaft is too long causing you to stand too far away. Also, affecting the lie of the putter head; it will be too upright, the toe of the putter is up in the air, this causes the heel of the putter to hit the ground and turn the putter head. The same goes but in the opposite for a too short shafted putter; flat putter head will have the same effect.

3.Rushing your stroke

How many times have you missed a very short putt? Not taking your time and not focusing on the putt at hand can spell disastrous results. If you lag the ball down from 30 feet, mark your golf ball. This movement makes you slow down and take your time for the remaining putt. This limit your three-putt greens, these certainly add up over a round of golf.

4.Cannot Read A Green Properly

How many times during a round of golf would you get down behind the golf ball and read the correct line of a putt?

What is reading a green? It's where you see the slope and where the grain of the grass is lying. Next time you are practicing take note of the slope of the putt you are about to do, focus on the point where the putt will start to move towards the hole.

Putting Tips

Longer putts on a very undulating green can be daunting, to say the least especially if you have 3 stabbed the last two greens from the same distance. This succession equates to the loss of confidence and high scores.

The focus is the key, pick a point between you and the hole and visualize the ball hitting that point. The great Jack Nicklaus always said choose a point between you and the hole to pick the line and hit it to that mark. It makes perfect sense; it takes away the fear of the three putt.

Also, pick a point about 1 foot behind the golf hole and aim to leave the putt 1 foot from the hole. This visual will give you a focused target; it's easier to hole a putt from 1 foot than 10 foot.

Putting Tips Roundup

So to make things simplified

  • Practice putting drills
  • Get the right putter that suits your height and stance
  • Take your time; golf is not to be rushed
  • Take more of a note of how the green slopes

Take notes after every round, how many three putts, two putts and one putt you had in your round of golf. Even write down how your putting stroke felt and how you were feeling on the day.

After your next ten rounds, add up all your putts and divide by 10 to give you a putting average per round. Try to beat that average for the next ten rounds of golf.

Finally, do what I have suggested and you will see a real change in your putting stats and your scores will start to improve, thus reducing your handicap.