If you are considering purchasing a golf training aid that will help you improve your golf swing, then we can highly recommend this product – The Explanar. As you will be quite aware that having an inconsistent or weaker golf swing can take the enjoyment right out of the game and can destroy your confidence on the range and out on the golf course.

Acquiring a great golf swing has everything to do with muscle memory, and the designers of the Explanar have achieved this perfectly.

The beauty of this fabulous piece of equipment is you can repeat your golf swing over and over again without having to check that you are doing it correctly or having someone watching you see if you are doing it right.

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There is no stopping and starting or readjusting to be done, it just gets in the ring and starts swinging knowing that both your backswing and your downward swing are on the plane. The use of rollers instead of golf club shows us again that the designer total understands the dynamics of the golf swing.

They provide a 75-minute video which is easy to follow, also included is a long power roller that will enhance your driver to 5 iron swing and a short power roller for use with your 6 iron to wedge.

Using the Explanar, you will also build strength and speed to your golf swing which will in effect add to your distance and control to your game. The Explaner can be used by amateurs to golf pros left, or right handed and suits golfers who are 5ft to 6ft 7” in height.

You will notice the improvements straight away as long as you are willing to put in the time. But on that note, it's no chore to use the Explanar, much rather an enjoyable experience as you feel the improvement and it will build confidence and ignite your golf game.

junior explanar

If you are like some golfers who find it hard to visualize a correct swing plane, the Explanar allows you to feel and see the position you should be in. You will also notice after using the Explanar that you will have cleaner, crisper ball striking and more consistency, which can only improve your golf game.

This product will enhance all areas of the golf swing plane. You can buy Explanar HERE

The only thing we can say that might be a downfall for some is that it is a large piece of equipment and you need to ensure that you have space. It does fold down, but I feel you really do need to have it in a permanent spot and having easy access will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

As for the cost well the money you would save on golf lessons alone should be enough of an incentive. Explanar also makes a junior golf training aid.

So if you have a budding Tiger Woods, this would be something that would be worth investing in. Imagine if you started playing golf with the correct golf swing plane, to begin with.

What is included in the kit: Explanar hoop, plane fin, radial stance mat, long power roller for the driver to 5 iron swings, a short power roller for 6 iron down to wedge, plane sensor and a 75 minute instructional DVD to show you how.

Explanar Dimensions

Foldable dimensions: 7ft x 5ft x 16″ (2.4m x 1.5m x .06m)

Area required for set up: 13ft x 8ft x 5ft (4m x 2.44m x 1.5m)

Shipping Weight:97lbs (44kg)


To improve your golf muscle memory and your game quickly you cannot go past the Explanar. You can buy the best golf swing plane trainer HERE

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