Basic Golf Etiquette

When starting to play golf, there are some golf etiquette rules that must be learned to benefit you and your playing partners. Not knowing some basic etiquette rules can spoil anybody's day on a golf course. May also get you banned from a golf group or course. Next time you are at your local golf course ask if the officials have a rules book to help you understand the reasons behind the decisions.

There are lots of game rules, and you may never learn them all. The best way to learn is to observe your fellow players and how they interpret the rule. Golf is not a game where noise is welcome, we need to be quiet when our fellow playing partner has a shot.

Next time you call to see if you can get on a course for a golf round,  check to see what the dress rules are. Dress rules are another part of golf etiquette and can influence whether you can get on for a game of golf or not. The tradition of golf has many factors that affect how we play the game and how we act on the golf course.

Some points to remember when being on the golf course

  • Keep your temper under wraps, nobody likes a dummy spitter
  • Put your phone on silent, using your mobile on the course is a big no no
  • Always look neat and tidy as golf clubs have traditions to keep up
  • Remember to fix your divots and pitch marks
  • Walk quickly between shots, no golfer likes to be held up on the course
  • Be on time to the first tee, this is one of the first rules of etiquette

During your next round of golf, look and learn at what your playing partners are doing, are they abiding by the golf rules and etiquette. If they are not giving them a little reminder what golf is all about.

Follow these series of videos on YouTube on how to learn the correct etiquette or brush up on your skills. Etiquette is a form of sportsmanship and being aware of how your behavior affects your playing partners and your own golf game.